MYOSITIS/CARDIOMYOSITIS: Study on gene expression of irMyositis/irCardiomyositis in comparison to spontaneous myositis/Cardiomyositis

  • Contribute by providing muscle biopsies. 

Neurological side effects: Investigation of lymphocyte subpopulations.

  • Contribute by providing PBMC. 

FERTIM: Study to assess effects of immunotherapy on fertility.

  • Contribute by sending patients to participate.

TIGER: Study to evaluate effects of immunotherapy on the coagulation (in vivo and in vitro)

  • Contribute by assessing patients.

HUNCH: Study on hematological side effects induced by checkpoint-Inhibitors

  • Contribute by documenting patients.

CAP: Characterization of autoimmune encephalitis with respect to clinical presentation, response to therapy and outcome

  • Contribute by documenting patients.